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        The most efficient water heater is a heat pump water heater it uses a refrigerant system to

move heat just like a geothermal system. And just like a geothermal system it uses a lot less

energy doing it (about 60% less). A first hour delivery rate of 58 gallons, is less expense to install

than a tankless water heater (just electric, no gas or vent) and is about 30% more efficient than a

natural gas tank type water heater. 10 year warranty on tank and parts.


     If you do need alot of hot water a tank-less heater is the most efficient way to go. You only

heat water as needed and you will have an endless supply of hot water when you need it.

You will save about 40% on cost to operate compared to conventional gas water heaters

(standard or power vent heaters are only about 60 - 65% efficient, tankless  92%+ efficient).

15 year warranty on heat exchanger and 5 year warranty on all other parts.

     For 2013 tax year a $300.oo tax credit for a 90+% tank-less water heater or a

heat pump water heater

         How much hot water do you need?  

      Average hot water usage:

Shower 10 to 20 gallons

Dishwasher 7 to 12 gallons

Washing machine whites front loader 8 to 12 gallons top loader 20 to 30 gallons

Standard size bath tub 20 to 25 gallons

Whirlpool tub 35 to over 50 gallons

Washing your hands .5 to 1.5 gallons

With a standard water heater you are heating 40 or more gallons 24 hours - 365 days a year and

only use hot water about 5 to 10% of that time.  

 A lot of this information is from BOSCH web-site